3 Good Reasons to Celebrate Geek Pride Day This Year

I have finished my vacation, and I have chosen to return on this, the 35th anniversary of the premiere of the original Star Wars film, a day that has apparently been dubbed Geek Pride Day. Personally, I feel that we should honor this holiday every September the 8th. On that day in 1966 (which is way before 1977, and therefore totally better) the first episode of Star Trek premiered. But alas, I am not here to argue the merits of either franchise over the other, such a thing would be…illogical. Instead, I have returned from exile to list 3 Good Reasons To Celebrate Geek Pride Day This Year, no matter what day you choose to celebrate it.

Reason #1 – Even Though the Green Lantern Movie Kinda Sucked, The Comics Totally Do Not

Sinestro is a Green Lantern again, and basically all of the events from before the New 52 are still canon. Hal Jordan has been stripped of his ring, and he’s hanging out on Earth and thinking of  really getting serious with ol’ Whats-her-Ferris. Does that sound like fun to read? No, but don’t worry. Sinestro is still a pretty big asshole, and he shows up right away to mess with Hal. At least he’s good at doing what he does with a bit of class, though. Actually, I don’t know if I’d call it class, probably just overall dickish behavior – but with a pencil moustache. Essentially, Sinestro kills his way around the universe trying to figure out some pretty ominous shit that seems to be going on in the world of the Lanterns and the Guardians. Definitely worth a read, and easily one of the cheapest ways to get your geek on.

Reason # 2 – Modern Warfare 3 Double Experience Through Memorial Day

Prestige, anyone?

 This is a really good time to bust out some Prestige Tokens if you have them lying around in droves (not that I’m bragging, but my place is lousy with Prestige Tokens) on 2 hours of Double Experience. Now, I’m no math wizard, but I’m pretty sure that means 4 times the XP for kills, captures, general badassery, etc. If you do end up logging on, and you have the good sense to own a Playstation 3, go ahead and shoot me a friend request at JB42088 and we’ll get down. I’m currently at the very start of my 5th Prestige, and I can’t wait to put the UMP.45 back into action against some fifteen-year-olds. Make sure your headset is good and charged though, there’s a lot of shit talking to be done in four days.

Reason #3 – Game of Thrones – Season 2

I feel as though Reason #3 requires no explanation. But, in the event that it does, click that fancy image of Baratheon’s crown to head to ScreenRant for a refresher course. Also, shame on you. Why are you not watching this show?

Live long, and prosper.


Volcano Drill-Ship Being Built – For Reals

Seriously. Sir Richard Branson, whose name may ring a bell in your head as the world’s most badass multibillionaire by far, is building a ship with a drill on the front of it that will take him INTO A VOLCANO. Don’t believe me? Here it is:

Head on over to and check it out. It’s for reals. Not only that, but Tom Hanks, Seth Green, and are going with him on the first trip. Stephen Hawking has paid for a ticket on another trip, and so has Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is it just me, or does reality increasingly seem to be based on movies? Oh, and the article mentions that the price tag for reserving a seat is $1Millionwhich actually doesn’t seem that expensive considering what you get. Assuming you live.


8-Bit Black and White Glory

In case you haven’t heard of or played the game Canabalt yet, I suggest you immediately go do so, and make sure that your volume is turned up as loud as possible. It’s a retro-looking sidescrolling game that asks you to do only one thing: Run for your life. The only control you have is when your character jumps, and getting the timing down can be very frustrating, but very addicting. The game measures the distance you run, and the goal is obviously to run the furthest distance. The music in this game is cool enough to stand on its own, so as I mentioned before, make sure your speakers are on. You can play at the game’s official site, or you can play over at Kongregate so that you can compare your scores to your friends’ scores. If you do use Kongregate, go ahead and add me to your friends, my username is braveyoungjables.

Help #BringBackToonami!

If you loved watching Toonami on Cartoon Network back in the day, head on over to Twitter and let [adult swim] know about it! If their tone of tweet is to be believed, they are considering bringing it back. This seems to have started as an April Fool’s joke, but I am cautiously optimistic that it is now entering the realm of possibility. Make sure to use #BringBackToonami . Let’s do this, children of the late 90s!

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